Goliaths in Prometiia

Far beyond the reaches of civilization are the Goliaths—a race of men whose blood has been intertwined with the magic of the world around them. They are men of immense size, products of the mountainous region they come from. They stand anywhere from eight to eleven feet tall, composed of nothing but muscle, tattoo, and hard, stony skin. There are fair men, believing strongly in competition and proving one’s worth.

Though they are scattered across the mountainous regions of the far west, tribes often come together in one great council once every season. It is here that the Goliath Chieftains discuss the world and its events, determining what they must do to survive through the next season. Though tribes have gone to war in the past, when they all collect to plan for the future, all feuds are put aside in order to assure the survival of their race.

Goliaths have a long history with the bridmen of the upper mountains. They have traded, fought, and worked together in the past many a time. Though the two races lack a consistent writing system, Goliath and Aaracroka both have long-lasting memories. Thus, tribes that are friendly often stay friendly, and tribes that are enemies often stay enemies.

Below is a number of famous Goliath tribes:


The Katho-Olavi are the greatest clan, with more than thirty-thousand members swelling its ranks. They have a long history of conquest, and hundreds upon hundreds of clans have been devoured by the Katho-Olavi, allowing them to grow bigger with every year. Their leader, Uthal Skyslayer, is a known hunter of Aarocroka tribes, and he is the primary antagonist when it comes to relations between the two races. At the seasonal summits, he throws around his weight often, bullying less powerful clans and threatening to devour them and their traditions if they don’t follow him.


In the face of the Katho-Olavi’s overwhelming power, many clans have been forced to come up with new ways to cement their independence. The Ogolakamu found their way hundreds of years ago when the first Avalon Druids came to the new world. Working alongside the Druids, they have attained great magical powers from the lands on which they live. With these powers, they have been able to consistently turn back Katho-Olavi attacks, repel Drow raids, and stand on equal footing against the Aarocroka. They are led by Manneo Forestson, a wise old Goliath who is respected by many at the season summits.


A clan known for their hunting ability, the Kolae-Giancalu are incredibly small, with only one hundred members carrying the tribal name. However, they are all a cut above their brothers when it comes to the hunting and handling of beast. Their members are required to slay and devour the heart of a great creature before they can be called adults, so that they may both prove their talents and hopefully inherit some of the beast’s power. Their leader, Eglak Steadyhand, is a man famed for shooting a Pegasus out of the sky at a hundred meters with but a single arrow.


Spoken of only in hushed wispers, the Thuliaga are a clan that others simply do not understand. They do not attend seasonal summits save in the autumn, where they say nothing and contribute naught to the councils. What they do beyond that is unknown. The Thuliaga spread out every season, scattering and venturing out into the world beyond the mountain ranges. Some say that they are the consorts of unnatural demons and that they visit their wives in the hells below. Others say they are in alliance with the Drow, using their odd, black clothing as reasoning for this. However, any truth to the matter is long from discovered.

Below is a couple of famed Goliaths:

Pakan Honestheart

No Goliath is as well-loved as Pakan Honestheart. He is a clanless wanderer—something that most consider heretical and dangerous. However, a lifetime of good-doing has slowly changed that stereotype. There is no clan that Honestheart has not visited and helped, and though he has his enemies, they know better than to be open with their dissent against him. His most famous symbol is his staff, World Blesser. Said to have been forged from the bark of a dying ent, the thunderous shockwaves it produces sows life into the land and disarms even the greatest threats.

Ruthal Skywatcher

Brother to Uthal Skyslayer, Ruthal is considered by many to be the real brains of the Katho-Olavi clan. He is genius when it comes to battles and traps, and he is said to know a hundred ways of taking an Aarocroka down. In the tribe, he is known as a contender for the leadership of the clan, and though he is brothers with Uthal, he often challenges him on every decision. In recent years, the two have been opposed on almost every matter concerning the welfare of the clan.

Mane Hundredarrow

An exiled member of the Kalae-Giancalu clan, she is considered the best shot amongst the Goliaths despite her status. As the tale goes, she was exiled when she stole not one, but ten kills from Eglak Steadyhand. In his rage, he challenged her to a duel—whoever could shoot the most birds from the sky would take control of the clan, whilst the loser would be exiled. In an unparalleled feat, Mane took ninety-nine birdsout of the sky with a single flurry of arrows. Instead of killing the hundredth, which had already been notched, she declared that she no longer wished to be a part of the clan and forfeited the challenge. Since then, rumor has run rampant amongst the tribes, worsening Steadyhand’s reputation while making Hundredarrow’s better.


Una-Dankor, translating to “City of Mountains,” is where the Goliath clans meet once a season to discuss the future of their people. It has but one official gate which all Goliath must enter through, going through a massive mountain whose peak is said to stand with the stars. Una-Dankor itself sits in a massive crater lake, ringed by tall mountains and stone that allows for no invader to take their people by surprise. Inside of Una-Dankor, weapons are not allowed to be drawn, and all blood feuds are left at the gates. Likewise, the greatest sorcerers of the Goliath people stay here, performing rituals that are said to bring good luck to all tribes on the field.


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