Aasimar of Prometiia

The world of Prometiia is not a series of three free colonies. They are controlled by the mighty empire of Penrith, who holds dominion over the continent of Avalon. And though the High Elves are quick to name themselves rulers, they know that is not so. The true nobles of the Penrith Empire, and by extension, Prometiia, are the legendary Aasimar—a race of beings whose blood is touched by the gods themselves.

It is said that nearly a million years ago the Seven Circles of Heaven descended to Earth and blessed it with the kiss of life. The first race they created, the stories continue, was the Aasimar. Claiming to be the children of the gods, the Aasimar went on to establish a dominion over every race on Avalon after them. While numerous wars, plagues, and cataclysms set them back again and again, eventually they were able to establish an absolute sovereignty over the continent, and have ruled for thousands upon thousands of years ever since.

When one sees an Aasimar, the idea that they are of the gods becomes more than myth. Their skin is always fair, no matter what happens to it; no amount of tanning, bruising, or injury can leave them truly marred, and scars never take hold. Their hair is often a radiant blonde or silver, though other colors have been seen, always rich and beautiful. Most impressive of all, however, are their eyes. While always sharp and bright, when an Aasimar becomes emotional, hurt, or is embroiled in battle, their irises begin to glint gold, showing signs of their divinity.

Even with the totality of their leadership, it is rare that an Aasimar is seen outside their castles and walled cities. Even the people in their most immediate dominances will see them maybe once in their lifetime. This is because the Aasimar are an utterly secret race, and the mysteries they claim to hold are too great for even their High Elf brothers to see. Of course, this idea has been challenged many a time, and when it is the Aasimar show why they are the rulers of Avalon. They foster the most powerful Wizards, Sorcerers, and Fighters, and use their overwhelming martial might and claim to divinity to raise armies in the blink of an eye.

Despite their power, however, the Aasimar are not many. Their life spans are still within the bounds of any mortal race, and the numerous disasters they have suffered for what they claim to be a million years has left more than a few thousand left alive, if that. Making matters worse, when Aasimar’s try to break free of tradition so that they can strike their own path, they are often hunted down and killed.

But there are still Aasimar who wander the earth. Every generation, a handful is designated by the Emperor himself to travel the world so that they may remind the people of their greatness. These travelers are often Paladins or Clerics, though they have been seen following all walks of life.

Lastly, the Aasimar are organized into seven noble houses, each one based off one of the gods they claim to be descended from. Their names are simple—they take the names of the gods and say they are of their blood. For example, those house Axiablood believe themselves to be the blood of Axia. The Picosblood believe themselves to be the blood of Picos. The emperor alone holds a different name. In fact, he sheds it entirely; they are the Emperor of All Seven Houses, and thus have the blessing and blood of all Seven Circles. To most, this makes him appear as if he is a god on earth, or at the least an avatar of the Seven.

Below are just a few of the most important Aasimar in Prometiia and Avalon:

Emperor Rosen, of All Seven Houses


The emperor of the Penrith Empire and its colonies in Prometiia, Rosen of All Seven Houses is a man known for his power, his wisdom, and his cunning. He has served as emperor since he was a fourteen year old boy, and has been tested every year since. Wars to the south with the Minotaurs and to the east with the desert-dwellers have put him through more than ten major conflicts in his lifetime. Each one he ended within a year, on the frontlines himself, losing no more than a few thousand men in each conflict. These battles have earned him many a nickname, as the feats he has displayed have all been heroic and tremendous. It is said that he was blessed by all Seven Circles themselves, and that even seeing him can make a man divine. However, like most of his predecessors, seeing the Emperor is a rare thing, and he operates mainly through the High Elf proxies.

Queen Domera the Third, of House Tranzuilblood

The queen of the Penrith Empire, Queen Domera hails from the Tranzuilblood house. Like many of her kin, she is a Wizard of untold power; it is said that she once brought down the stars themselves against the enemies of the throne. A cold woman when seen, she does not enjoy interaction with any non-Aasimars. Many High Elves, it is said, disdain her and see her as haughty and arrogant. Still, many others know not to cross her. It is said that the legendary assassins of Avalon, the Shadowless, are tied to her, though those that speak such rumors quickly find themselves no longer able to speak. Needless to say, under Queen Domera, it is rare to see someone step out of line much, if at all.

Sir Cavan, of House Intrigablood

Sir Cavan is the face of the Aasimar in the modern age. A knight who is also trained in the arcane, he has been sent to Prometiia, along with his sister, to spread the word, influence, and might of the Aasimar race amongst the commoners. Though he is young, he is also powerful. He has proven himself in battle against some of the greatest foes Prometiia has faced in the north: the Half-Orcs, the Hobgoblins, and the Giants themselves. These battles have earned him the nickname “The Sword of Gods,” because of how skilled he has proven himself in battle. Still, unlike his sister, he is distant from the common man. Though soldiers see and love him, those who don’t fight see him as a violent representation of the noble class.

Lady Zariah, of House Intrigablood


The twin sister of Cavan, Zariah serves as the more beautiful and kinder face of the Aasimar race. Whereas her brother is famed for his battles, she is famed for the blessings she gives the small folk. Many a time she has been seen going into the slums and helping the cripple, feeble, and poor so that they may again return to society. What many also do not know is that Zariah is a powerful Sorceress as well, and thus mistake the miracles that happen around her to be the acts of the Seven Circles themselves. Because of this, many have taken to calling her Saint Zariah, and have even begun to worship her, despite her protest.


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