Homebrew Archetype: Path of the Gladiator

The path of the Gladiator is one filled with perils. Only the luckiest, most skilled, and most creative are able to survive for long. Barbarians who go down this path use their rage to increase their chances of survival, as well as to make fighting a bloodsport worthy of watching. Crazed maneuvers, gory finishes, and trading blows is the name of the game for Gladiators.

Visceral Combat

Starting at the 3rd level, your rages have grown more violent. For the duration of your rage, whenever one of your attacks connects, choose one of the following effects. Effects of the same name do not stack. The creature struck must make a Constitution saving throw equal to 8 +your Proficiency bonus.

Mangled Arm: You mangle one of the creature’s arms, disarming it of its weapon. The creature cannot use two-handed weapons until it heals an amount equal to the damage dealt.

Ruined Leg: You ruin one of the creature’s legs, reducing its speed by ten and imposing disadvantage on dexterity checks and saving throws until it heals an amount equal to the damage dealt.

Savage Wound: You leave a savage wound on the creature, forcing it to bleed out. Every turn, it loses an amount of maximum hit points equal to half your Barbarian level (minimum one). This lasts until the target receives healing equal to the original amount dealt.

Monstrous Body

At the 6th level, your body has become a powerful tool of war. While raging, you have advantage on all constitution saves, and any checks that would leave you prone, incapacitated, or that would knock you back.

Famed Scars

At the 10th level, the battles you have been through have spread like wildfire. When talking to another sentient creature, you can attempt to charm them as an action by telling them how you got your scars, impressing onto them your combative ability. They must make a Wisdom saving throw equal to 8+your proficiency bonus+your Charisma modifier or be charmed until the end of your next turn. On subsequent turns you can extend this effect, however the DC lowers by two for each attempt on the same creature(s).

Bloodsport Finale!

At the 14th level, you have mastered the art of gladiatorial combat. Roll a number of hit dice equal to your total levels plus an additional amount equal to your constitution modifier as a bonus action. Upon losing the amount of HP rolled, any attack you make after that point while raging does critical damage, but does not automatically hit. If the number of hit points rolled is greater then your maximum hit points, then this ability triggers when you have one hit point left.


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