Wood Elves of Prometiia

Only on the sprawling continent of Prometiia can the Wood Elves be found. It is said that, at the dawn of days, all elven species were one and the same. If that is true, it is hard for many to accept that the High Elves of Avalon are related to their Prometiian brothers in any way, shape, or form. This is not because of appearance; truth be told, the ears are actually quite damning. However, the cultures, biology, and even the magic between the Wood and High Elves is almost like night and day.

Wood Elves, when first seen, are distinct. Their skin is almost always a dark brown or tan color, the result of generations being bred underneath a harsh sun. Though there are pale Wood Elves, as such a massive population leads to some extremely unique features amongst them, most also scar their bodies ritually or tattoo themselves heavily. Depending on the tribe, either of the practices, both of them, or something else may be used to symbolize something unique about their clan. Wood Elves also bear golden or brown eyes, black or green hair, and are slightly larger and bulkier then their High Elf cousins.

Much like other elves, Wood Elves live far beyond the timeframe of mortals. However, unlike their kin in Avalon, they are not truly immortal. Wood Elf lives are based on seasons—universally, from tribe to tribe, this has become the method for establishing their ages. A Wood Elf in the spring of its life is often a child, and is considered as such until they physically mature to appear like a human adult, generally around the age of thirty. From then on they live in their summer, the longest and most powerful time of their life. It is during this period of their life, which lasts until they are around five hundred years of age, which they are at their physical, magical, and mental primes. Afterwards begins the slow decline of their autumn, where their hair begins to change colors into reds and oranges and yellows and golds before, eventually, they reach their winter.

A Wood Elf in his winter is a hard sight to see. They often go both blind and deaf, their faces become extremely wrinkled, and their hair goes snow white before it begins to fall out in large clumps. A autumn can last anyone from one to two hundred years, but a Wood Elf in their winter is lucky to last a decade.

Wood Elf tribes are incredibly varied, and it is said that there are as many factions as there are stars in the sky. Though this is a gross exaggeration, one cannot deny that dealing with such a scattered culture is difficult at best, and impossible at its worst.

Though there are thousands of Wood Elf tribes, below are three that are most pertinent to the colonies of Prometiia:


The Antara, locally known as the Mountain Elves, is a massive tribe that lives in the Nechedo Mountains. As the Nechedo borders all three colonies, their experiences and interactions with humans and other races has been varied. The Trabayo often try to enslave them, leading to endless skirmishes of guerilla warfare in the mountains that has left the corpses of elf and man to fill the mountain passes. In the north, bordering Verdade, they are hostile still towards poachers in their lands, but have been forced by both the Holy Army and the Rangers to at least attempt to compromise with the humans. Despite this, the many subtribes of the Antara have almost constant conflict with someone or something, and have become incredibly warlike and restless as a result. Many times the governments of Verdade and Trabayo have entertained annihilating the Antara before the problem escalates, though there have been no actions so far taken in that general direction.


As opposed to their warlike Antara kin, the Supla (called the Swamp Elves by the common man) primarily live in the vast swamps and marshes of Espellismo. It is here that they practice many a magical art, all strange, foreign, and alien to even the Sorcerers and Wizard Guilds that have set up shop in the swamplands. They are skilled in stealth and thus rarely seen, and though the Sorcerers of Espellismo seem to have no limits to their magical experiments, even they are wary of disturbing the Supla. Many a time a battle of magic has been waged between man and elf, only for the elf to not only come out on top, but also to wipe out the entire cabal of mages if needed.


Though it is common belief that most Wood Elves are savages, the Tol reject that stereotype. Also known as the Sea Elves, the Tol have mastered the art of sailing, and have many islands south of Espellismo that they have made their homes. Unlike many other tribes, those of the Tol have their own writing system, economy, and even work with the volcanic Mountain Dwarves to establish obsidian and metal weapons for themselves. However, though the Tol rarely deal with Prometiia as a whole, they are the primary targets of the Tiefling Empires to the south. Constant raids have set back their civilization time and time again, and it is doubtful they’ll last more than a century against their demonic foes.


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