Homebrew Archetype: Witch Slayer

The Witch Slayer archetype is for Rangers who wish to neither protect the land with beasts or to hunt down dangerous monsters. Those who follow this path specialize in controlling, combating, and countering the magic of those who would otherwise abuse it. Unlike Paladins who smite evil, or Eldritch Knights who fight fire with fire, Witch Slayers baptize their enemies, reverse the effects of harmful spells, and keep magic from overwhelming the world.

Curse Breaker

At the 3rd level, you have learned to stop spells before they are cast. When a spell is being cast that you can see, you may use your reaction to make a ranged or melee attack at the caster. On a success, the caster makes a concentration check. On a fail, their spell is countered, and the caster takes additional damage equal to your Wisdom Modifier.

Anti-Magic Tactics

At the 7th level, you have faced enough magic to learn how to effectively avoid it. After seeing a spell, you have advantage on saving throws against it, and it has disadvantage to hit you. This only applies if you are not asleep, paralyzed, or otherwise incapacitated.

Baptizing Rite

At the 11th level, you have learned how to purify casters of their magical abilities. When you strike a creature that can use magic, it must make a concentration check equal to your spellcasting difficulty level. On a fail, choose one of the following effects:

Disrupt Magic: The creature cannot cast any spells higher than your spell casting level until your next turn.

Uncontrollable Magic: When the creature casts a spell on its next turn, it takes half the damage of the spell cast and must make a saving throw against any non-damaging effects of its own spell.

Superior Anti-Magic Tactics

Starting at the 15th level, choose one of the following benefits.

Spell Slayer: Once per turn, you may designate an attack as a Spell Slaying attack. When this attack hits a spell, the attack is treated as a counterspell, destroying the magic in question.

Magic Hunter: When a spell is cast within 60 feet of you, your senses tell you that it was cast, in what direction it was, and how powerful the spell was.

Heretic Killer: When a creature you are fighting casts a spell, on your next turn you may take one of the following actions for free: Attack, Shove, or Dash.



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