Druids of Prometiia

It is only the foolish and the ignorant who believe that the colonies and the empire control everything. Even in Avalon, where Penrith holds absolute power, there are still factions that not even the Aasimar and High Elves can tame. When Prometiia was discovered, these factions trinkled in with the first wave of colonists, losing themselves amongst the wild lands. These individuals, who hearken to no government and do not let imaginary borders hinder them, are known only as the Druids.

Druids are relics of the past, having existed before the High Elves began to build their cities and before the Aasimar fell down to Earth. They believe in the power of nature, worshiping no gods other than the planet herself. Similar to Clerics and Paladins, this spirituality has blessed them with powers that have been refined and mastered over a length of time incalculable. Wizards who try to replicate their feats can only create shallow imitations, and even the domains of the gods do not hold sway over what they can do.

Because of their closeness to nature, Druids do not have the same priorities as others. In Prometiia especially they distance themselves from the politics of the colonies, losing themselves amongst the mountains, forests, and grasslands of the new world. Much like in Avalon, they organize themselves into sects called Circles, similar to Sorcerer Cabals and Wizardry Guilds. These Circles have different priorities, but they all have the same goal: to ensure that nature remains powerful, beautiful, and pure. This has led Druids to become things of myth and legend among the common folk, a result of them being both elusive and mysterious in many of their ways.

Druids are not considered evil, however. Many believe that their spirituality is tied to Axia, the God of All Lands, and so tolerate their various oddities. Their lack of political involvement allows for politicians, nobles, and the rich to go about their games without much interference. When they do enter civilization, however, it is as benevolent souls. Though there are more then a few Druids who disdain civilized life, even more see it as just another cog in nature. Because of this they have offered their services in the past during times of need, such as droughts and storms, speaking with the land itself to ensure the lives of those who would otherwise be lost.

What worries the colonies the most is the Druidic love of the natives of Prometiia. Halflings, Mountain Dwarves, Island Dwarves, and Wood Elves have all been contacted by Druids are one point or another, and often have friendly relationships to these races. Given that many of them are slaves or being forced out of their lands by the colonies, and the Druids are originally from Avalon, this has, over the last few hundred years, slowly begun to force the Druids into a political stance—something that they fight with all their might.

Below is a list of the three major Druidic Circles:

Circle of the Land

Oldest of the Druidic Circles, those who fall into the Land are those who pass down the stories and traditions from the First Days. It is these individuals who have spread the knowledge of nature magic and wild shape, and who have come to learn and understand the secrets the world has to offer. They are the friendliest with the natives of Prometiia, and have universally established strong bonds with their peoples. Even the Aarocroka and Goliaths, far to the west, welcome Druids of Land into their nests and villages.

Circle of the Moon

Whereas those of the Land are peaceful, magical, and old, those of the Moon are the more militant and aggressive of their kind. They focus more on their shapeshifting abilities rather than their magic, transforming into powerful hunters that defend ancient forests and secret glades. While the natives of Prometiia respect the Land Druids for their wisdom and generosity, they respect the Moon Druids for a reasons different: their violent attacks on those who attack or enslave the natives. Stories are told, especially in the Frontier, of men gutted or crippled by Moon Druids while attempting to kidnap or otherwise harm a Wood Elf or Halfling. Because of this, there is a great deal of tension between this Circle and the powers at hand.

Circle of the Forgotten

Those of the Forgotten Circle are those that are unknown to civilization. They are few in number, to the point that some say you can count every Forgotten Druid on two hands. But regardless of their numbers, they are no less important to the world. Those who follow this path seek out the secrets of the world and the holy relics of civilizations long past, hiding and protecting them from those who would abuse such powers. It is rare that they have contact with other sentient beings, and when they do they never share their titles or secrets. The Forgotten Druids all swear an oath to keep their doings hidden from the world for its own protection.

Below is a list of the three Archdruids:

Lara of a Thousand Branches


The Archdruid of the Circle of the Land, she is both the most famed and wise of her kin. It is said that she has lived over a thousand years despite her human blood, and that she wields enough power to control the seasons themselves. Regardless of whether this is true or not, she is respected greatly amongst the Druids. To the rest of the world she is something akin to a messiah; every natural disaster she is there to help, earning her hundreds of names amongst different hamlets, cities, and even races. Oftentimes nobles, politicians, or the rich seek her out, and though she is elusive, Lara always appears before those who truly need her aid.


The Awakened

Whereas Lara is wise and kind, Snøskred is not. He is a wild man at heart, who is disgusted both by civilization and those who would seek to turn the world into their own personal toy. It is said that when he happens upon those who corrupt or harm the Earth, his wrath is like an avalanche, and that he is capable of calling down hundreds, if not thousands of beasts to destroy his foes. While these rumors are likely exaggerated, none can doubt his ferocity or tenacity; more than one settlement in the Frontier has been raided and destroyed by him, and every year there are tales of him brutalizing another hunter or adventurer. It is rumored that if his kin cannot reign him in, then soon the three territories will be forced to take matters into their own hands.

The Truth Seeker


Most people do not know that the Circle of the Forgotten exists, and thus most people have never heard of their Archdruid, the Truth Seeker. He is an enigma even to his own kind, appearing only in wild shape during their yearly gatherings and always speaking through proxy. Each Forgotten Druid has their own ideas as to who or what he is, but none can doubt his motives. Everything he has done has been to protect the world from knowledge that would destroy it, and because of this his Circle follows him, no matter the mission or directive they are given.


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