Homebrew Archetype: Spirit Domain

Spirit Domain

While many believe in the Seven Gods, the Fiends, or the Old Ones, the old beliefs hearken to different gods. The spirits of stream and stone, mountain and forest—they are as numerous, if not more so, as the stars in the sky. Wood Elves worship the green spirits, while Mountain Dwarves worship the ancestors of stone and fire. Still others, such as the mysterious Dragonborn, believe in other, more ancient and powerful spirits. Through these beliefs they draw their power, tapping into the ethereal plane and the soul of the world so that they may conquer the obstacles before them.

Spirit Domain Spells

1st Bless, Speak with Animals
3rd Gust of Wind, Pass Without Trace
5th Speak with Dead, Call Lightning
7th Arcane Eye, Guardian of Faith
9th Scrying, Insect Plague

Bonus Proficiencies

Also at 1st level you gain proficiency in Survival and Knowledge: Nature.

Spiritual Guide

Starting at the 1st level, your belief in the spirits has garnered you their attention. For up to an hour, you may take ten minutes to pray to the spirits. Doing so will manifest a spiritual familiar for you that only you can see. This guide gives advantage on all skill rolls. Additionally, you can choose to share sensory information with the guide, seeing through its eyes, hearing through its ears, etc.

A spiritual guide can be summoned once per long rest, with additional guides summoned equal to your Wisdom Modifier.

Channel Divinity: Fallen Knowledge

At the 2nd level, you can channel your divinity to absorb the experience and knowledge of dead warriors. As an action, for one minute you have advantage on all attack rolls and gain +1 to your Armor Class.


At the 6th level, the spirits now permit you to walk their lands. Once per long rest, you may choose to pray for ten minutes. After the ritual is completed, you become an ethereal spirit. You are invisible to all other creatures and travel on the ethereal plane for up to one hour. You can choose a number of creatures equal to your wisdom modifier to travel with you along the ethereal plane.

Divine Strike

At the 8th level, the spirits join you in combat fully, flooding into your opponents with each successful strike. Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with an attack, you may do 1d8 extra psychic damage to the target. This increases to 2d8 at level 14.

Dream of the Great Spirit

At the 17th level, you become capable of sharing the dream of the Great Spirit, whom is the soul of the world. As an action, you can begin a ritual. On your next turn, as long as you have taken no damage, your character becomes ethereal. While ethereal you are in a waking dream, and thus you cannot take any action, bonus actions, movement actions, or reactions. However, you may choose one creature within thirty feet of you to pull into the dream as well. That creature must make a Constitution saving throw every turn. For every fail it makes, it counts as one Death Failed Saving Throw, and on three instantly falls to 0 hit points and dies. On a pass it counts as a success, and you take Xd10 psychic damage, with the X representing the challenge rating of the monster in question. After one creature has been killed with this, you are no longer ethereal, and you cannot use this ability again until after a long rest.




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