Homebrew Archetype: School of Curses

The School of Curses is a forbidden sect of magic that focuses on bringing doom and discord down on your enemies. Those who support this school are often seen as criminals or rogue mages, and often have paladins or rangers sent after them for elimination. Those who practice it, however, say that it is no less evil or destructive than any other school. You, as a practitioner of this school, understand that the power of a curse is a magic like any other, and that it has its good and bad effects.

While there are many types of curses, Voodoo is the most prevalent, and allows for the most efficient use of curse magic. Those who practice it do so in secret, performing rituals and casting spells on dolls and shrines meant to represent their victims.

Curse Savant

Starting at 2nd level, when you see the following spells, you may add them to your spellbook in half the time: hex, bane, bestow curse, witch bolt, blight, contagion, cloud kill, eyebite, feeblemind, and power word: kill.

Voodoo Creation

At 2nd level, you have learned how to curse others through shrines and icons that represent them. As a ritual, you may create an icon that represents a target creature. This icon must be created out of 50gp worth of materials, including a piece of the creature in question, and takes eight hours to complete.

Once the icon is created, you may spend spell slots to damage the icon with one of the effects on the Voodoo Curse table. Additionally, you may cast spells directly on the icon. Targets who are cursed by this icon must make a Constitution saving throw equal to your spellcasting difficulty or else they take half damage in addition to any effects the spell in question induces.

An icon may only sustain one curse on the Voodoo Curse table, or three spells before it is destroyed and rendered useless. Voodoo curses can only be removed through the remove curse, lesser restoration, heal, or wish spells. If an idol is cursed, you may not cast any spells on it. You may only have one idol created at a time.

Treacherous Spells

Starting at the 6th level, creatures targeted by your spells have disadvantage on saving throws versus them.

Improved Voodoo Creation

Upon reaching the 10th level, you have learned to create more effective icons. The time taken to create one is halved, they may sustain two curses on the Voodoo Curse table, and suffer six spells before destroyed. Additionally, non-spell attacks can be made on the icon, dealing the minimum damage of the weapon attack in question. Two of these attacks can be made before the icon is destroyed.

Everlasting Curse

Starting at the 14th level, you have mastered the art of curses. By expending your maximum number of spell slots for level i nquestion, you gain access to the Damnation Curse table when casting on your Voodoo. These curses can only be removed by remove curse or wish spell.

Voodoo Curse Table (1d10 days=curse length)

1-20 Roll 1d8 and pick an ability. Any ability checks or saves related to that ability lose the amount rolled.
21-40 Target has disadvantage on all attack throws.
41-60 Target can no longer regenerate heal points through any method.
61-80 Target suffers 1d6 necrotic damage every time they take damage.
81-100 Target is blinded, deafened, or silenced.

Damnation Curse Table

5th Level Target loses all skill proficiencies.
6th Level Pick two ability scores. Target has disadvantage on all checks related to those abilities.
7th Level Target rolls on the Indefinite Madness table.
8th Level Target suffers extreme apathy, suffering disadvantage on all attack rolls and skill checks.
9th Level Target is vulnerable to all types of damage.

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