Homebrew Archetype: Weapon Specialist

Fighter: Weapon Specialist

The archetypal Weapon Specialist is a warrior that fights with but a single weapon, no matter the trial. They are warriors who have the ability to attain the full potential of a weapon, creating the myths of warriors that can cut through boulders with a sword or shoot the wings off a fly with ease. The path to becoming a Weapon Specialist is difficult, however, and only the most creative are able to go down this path.

Stacked Odds

At the 3rd level, you have discovered your favored weapon. Opponents have disadvantage to disarm you. Additionally, you gain a second fighting style while wielding this weapon.

False Strike

At the 7th level, you have learned how to make the most out of your weapon strikes. Upon rolling a 1 on the damage die, you can choose to do max damage instead for the entire round. This can be done once per short or long rest, increasing to two times at level 10 and to three times at level 18.

Improved Critical

At the 15th level, you have learned how to better wound your opponents. Your critical hit range is now 19-20.

Weapon Saint

At the 18th level, you have completely mastered your weapon. Once per long rest, choose a target within thirty feet. As long as they are within thirty feet, you can use your action to deal your maximum possible weapon damage with any weapons currently drawn and wielded.


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