Tieflings of Prometiia

It did not take long for the first settlers of Prometiia to discover what is now considered their greatest enemy. Hailing from the far south are the Tieflings, whose constant raids for blood sacrifices along the coast and in the swamps has led to an uncountable number of deaths. In modern times, they are hunted even in the Frontier—to see a Tiefling and not kill it on sight or report it to the authorities is a punishable crime in all three major territories. As a result, any hope for peace between the two cultures has been dashed time and time again.

Tiefling’s hail from the continent of Yaxchun. It is there they live in a massive empire that spans an entire continent, with only a handful of other races powerful enough to resist them. Their culture is one steeped in religion; they worship the ancient Fiends of myth, who they believe granted them life thousands of years ago. In reverence to these twisted gods, they perform blood sacrifice weekly, sometimes even daily depending on the faction in question. These sacrifices are performed at the top of holy pyramids and religious sites. This tradition has been copied by a growing cult of Tieflings that deviate from the worship of fiends. These people praise the Great Old Ones, who are said to sleep underneath the waves or rule from above the stars. The conflict between this younger religion and the dominant one has escalated tensions for nearly a hundred years now.

While there are many Tiefling settlements scattered throughout jungles and hidden amidst mountain peaks, the greatest are built on top of lakes and massive rivers. These floating metropolises are forged primarily out of gold and obsidian, and remain afloat by the magical powers that they are blessed with. It is here, in one of the ten great floating cities, that a sacrifice is performed monthly, so that the sun may raise and life as they know it may continue.

Tieflings have a powerful alliance with another race native to Yaxchun: the Couatl. These sentient, winged serpents hold incredible divine power, and though they are few in number, they are revered as angels by the common Tiefling. It is these serpents that chooses the next emperor, who is believed to be the physical and mortal avatar of the ancient Pitfiend Hunhau.

Below you will find information on the current emperor, his Couatl partner, and the leader of the most powerful Great Old One cult:

Uaxaclajuun Huracan

King Tiefling

The current Winged Emperor of Yaxchun, Huracan was born a nameless Tiefling in a corner of the empire nearly sixty years ago. During his life, he is said to have made a pact with Hunhau himself, and through a series of feats recorded in his biography, The Thirty-Fifth Jade God, he proved to the Couatl’s themselves that he was a man worthy of emperor. His reign so far has been problematic. Dealing with the constant threat of civil war and trying trying to please the Couatl is a process fraught with political obstacles. While the general population approves of Huracan’s power and ability to rule, the increase in sacrifice that began when he took the crown is odd, and others seek to replace him with an emperor chosen by the Great Old One’s themselves.

Qucumatz of a Thousand Colors


Qucumatz is one of the oldest of the Couatl. The colors of a Couatl’s wings represent both the power and wisdom of the serpents, and few can claim the same splendid brilliance as Qucumatz’s own. He is worshipped as a god of both wind and rain that helped shape the world through his powerful storm magic. He was also the Couatl who named Huracan emperor, and has stayed as his advisor ever since. When encountered, it is said that he is quiet and calm, but that when awakened and enraged he becomes more fearsome then the greatest storm.


 Tiefling Priest

There are numerous cults and temples dedicated to the Old Ones, but none as powerful as the Cult of Yig, who is said to be the father of serpents. The great priest of this cult is Ufuk—a man whose beginnings are as humble as the emperor’s own. He began life as farmer’s child, and it is said that he was saved from drowning by a great black serpent. This serpent, he often preaches, went on to enlighten him of the power of the Old Ones and made a pact with the young Tiefling. Since then Ufuk has went on to become a great priest, using his powers to gain followers and political influence that matches some of the greatest Infernal Temples. While his exact motives are unknown, many whisper that he has his eyes set on the throne itself.


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