Homebrew Archetype: The Vestige Pact

Your patron is a powerful soul of darkness that lives in Shadowfell, whose desire is likely to spread madness, death, or darkness across the land. Such beings are not always inherietly evil, however; the Vestige, as they are called, often simply wishes to co-exist with the light of the world, and thus often they make pacts to further their power and influence. They can also be fallen angels or gods who seek to reclaim their divinity. Example Vestiges are Nihilith the Endless End, Esphia the Hellguard, Lucifer the Fallen Angel, or Zagan the Duke of Disappointment.

Expanded Spell List

The Vestige allows you to choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a new Warlock spell. The following spells are added to the Warlock list for you:

1st Level Bane, Inflict Wounds
2nd Level Blindness/Deafness, Pass without Trace
3rd Level Nondetection, Speak with Dead
4th Level Greater Invisibility, Freedom of Movement
5th Level Seeming, Raise Dead

Glimpse the Abyss

Starting at the 1st level, your patron allows the power of Shadowfell to bleed through your spells. As a bonus action, the next spell or cantrip you casts forces the target to make a Wisdom saving throw against your spellcasting difficulty. On a fail, they must roll on the Shadowfell Despair table in the Dungeon Master’s guide. The only way to break the effects is for the creature to take a long rest, reach 0 hit points, have the curse removed, have calm emotions cast on them, or to make a Wisdom Saving Throw equal to your spellcasting difficulty+spell level (minimum 1).

You can do this once per half your Warlock level (minimum 1) before a short or long rest is taken to recharge.

Black Insanity

At the 6th level, your patron lashes out against those who wish to harm you. Upon taking damage, you may roll on the Short-Term Insanity table in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Whatever creature that harmed you has this insanity until your next turn.

Once this feature is used, it cannot be used again until a short or long rest.

Boxing with Shadows

Upon reaching the 10th level, your patron will protect you from harm. While in magical or nonmagical darkness, dim light, or shade, you can choose to take the Dodge action as a bonus action on your turn. You passively gain +2 to your Armor Class while inside of magical or nonmagical darkness, dim light, or shade. This effect is nullified when within ten feet of any light source.

Life is Suffering

Starting at the 14th level, you gain the ability to infuse the power of Shadowfell into other creatures. As an action, pick a creature within sixty feet of you. That creature’s eyes go black as they witness all the atrocities and events the souls of Shadowfell have suffered. As a result, their bodies and minds begin to rot. The target creature takes 5d10 necrotic damage, and must roll on the Short-Term, Long-Term, and Indefinite Insanity Tables. On a Will save equal to your spellcasting DC, no rolls are made and only the damage is taken.

These sanity effects last until the creature has remove curse cast upon it. Once used, this feature cannot be used again until a long rest is finished.


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