Homebrew Archetype: The Spellplagued

Throughout the world, there are those who are born because of events beyond their control. When a magical cataclysm strikes a land, a crazed wizard experiments on a babe, or a runaway spell curses an innocent, the magical power can leave lasting scars. These individuals are known as the Spellplagued—beings who have gained magical ability due to suffered trauma from outside magic. Those that survive into adulthood often gain a measure of control over their powers, but if they fail the consequences can be tremendous.

Spellplagued can be invaluable assets to an armed force, using their powers to overwhelm enemies. Others go on to try and study and cure their power, or look for ways to better help those that suffer. Others go crazy from the powers that curse them, and often become ticking time bombs or threats to the realm.

Magnetic Soul

Those who are Spellplagued find themselves attracted to other magical items or beings. When within twenty feet of a casted spell, a magical item, or any spellcasting class, you have some kind of biological or magical effect that reacts to this, alerting you of nearby presence. For example, your eyes can go black, or energy can begin to slowly rise from your body. If desired, this ability can be visually muted, though you will not be able to detect magic around as a consequence.

Overloaded Spell

At the 1st level, you can tap into your sickness, allowing it to devour your body in order to increase its power. When you cast a spell, you can choose to roll an amount of hit die equal to the level of that spell (minimum one). The amount you roll is the amount of Hit Points you sacrifice. As a result, the spell that you are Overloading has it’s damage increased by the amount rolled. This ability cannot be used with any Metamagic Feats.

Fearsome Visage

At 6th level, your unwieldy magic responds to your emotions, and visually manifests when you are angry. When you make an Intimidation check, you gain both proficiency and advantage.

Scorched Earth

At 6th level, the magic inside of you can be released in burst to corrupt and damage those around you. Upon receiving damage from a melee attack you may use your reaction to cause, creatures within melee range to make a Constitution saving throw equal to your current spellcasting ability difficulty. On a fail, the creature takes force damage equal to your Sorcerer level and is knocked prone. Likewise, any environmental hazards or difficult terrain within twenty feet is destroyed and reduced to ash. Additionally, you can spend a spell point, forcing the attacking creature to make a Constitution saving throw or else be poisoned for one minute. Once this feature is used, it cannot be used again until a short or long rest.

Arcane Epidemic

Upon reaching the 14th level, the magic inside of you struggles to spread. As a result, your charisma modifier is added to your Armor Class. Additionally, whenever a creature does damage to you with a melee attack, they must make a saving throw against your spellcasting DC. On a fail, that creature has disadvantage versus spell saving throws against you until the end of their next turn.

Virulent Magic

At the 18th level, you have mastered your magic and can spread your plague. As a full action, you may cast a spell, spend one spell point, and then touch the nearest creature or object. Upon making contact, you set a condition that, when triggered, activates the spell which will originate from the creature or object you have touched. An unwilling creature must make a Constitution saving throw against your spellcasting difficulty to resist.


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