Rogues of Prometiia

Try as Penrith might in the early days of Prometiia’s colonization, crime has become a very real part of each territory. Murders, thieves, and other unsavory types are caught, trailed, and killed every day. In Trabayo, they are made into slaves and forced to work alongside the Halflings and Dwaves and Wood Elves on the plantations. In Verdade, they are simply hung, regardless of the crime—a strong message to any who would dare follow in their footsteps. And in Espellismo, where mysteries abound, odder and stranger things happen to those who offend the powers at hand.

In a world where punishments are so extreme, the rogues of the world have had no choice but to band together. Thieves’ guilds first sprung up almost a hundred years ago, or to be accurate, the first one was discovered. As investigations were launched, an entire black market, overflowing with factions as varied as the wares they stole and sold, became known. Since then, there has been a constant war against crime, starting in Verdade and soon spilling over into Trabayo as well.

But despite the best efforts of detectives, authorities, and paladins alike, taking down one set of thieves just makes the next harder to catch. It is a losing battle with no end in sight.

Below is a number of Thieves Guilds famous even to the public:

The Brotherhood of St. Rosello

In Verdade, no group of thieves is as despised as the Brotherhood of St. Rosello. They were first discovered when their leader, a famed thief named Saint Rosello, was caught while in the midst of robbing one of the most famed and rich High Elf politicians at the time. With a dash of magic and a flash of cunning, Rosello not only escaped his capture, but finished off his heist, forcing the politician into bankruptcy. Though Rosello is long since dead, his brotherhood is not. Targeting only the richest, noblest, and most famous of men and women in Verdade, they pull off job after complex job, fattening their wallets and sniping out politicians one at a time. Their main base likes down the coast of Prometiia, in a small town known as Little Verdade, where they masquerade as politicians themselves. Their current leader is Saint Rosello the Fourth, a mysterious man who inherited the same famed name passed down throughout the years. Like most Thief Guild Masters, little and less is known about him.

We Who Free

Trabayo is a place filled with slaves and beggars, crushed under foot by the High Elves and Humans that run the territory. But escaped slaves are no strange thing, and in despite efforts to hunt them down, they often seem to disappear into the night. We Who Free is a known organization that strikes at plantation’s during the full moon, freeing slaves, slitting the throats of their masters, and then escaping into the dense forests and rolling hills to places unknown. Using a complex and hidden network of beggars and the impoverished, We Who Free has an air-tight information network that spans the entire territory, allowing their members to know which slaver is ripe for the picking. They are led by the Grand Coesre, the Chief of Beggars, a man whose writings on freedom and slavery provide the only window to know his true identity.


In the swamps of Espellismo, one must know magic to survive. In the past, Thieves Guilds without the protection of the arcane have simply disappeared into the night as the Wizards and Warlocks of the land devoured them in their rituals and experiments. It was ten years ago when Guillotine made its first move, a stroke of pure retaliation against the oppressive leaders of the territory. Unlike their brother guilds across Prometiia, the Guillotine did not steal much. Instead they assassinated an entire cabal of Wizards. There was no calling card left to say who had done it, but soon rumors began to spread of a syndicate of Sorcerer’s who were targeting the magically powerful in Espellismo. These rumors all point to an enigmatic figure known as Matador, or the Slayer in Penrith’s mother tongue. Whether such a figure exists or not is something not even the Wizards have divined.

Though the guilds are strong, there are still a few thieves who work with only themselves as companions. Below is a list of two rogues well-known in all three territories, and even the frontier:

Moondance Kid

ezimba (1)

Originally known as Henry Boswell, he earned his name in the Frontier town of Moondance, where he was caught stealing a horse from the mayor himself. After escaping, he went on a spree of robberies across the frontier and quickly became public enemy number one, using both violence and magic to force caravans to a halt before robbing them blind. It didn’t take long for his confidence to push him into the actual colonies themselves. In Verdade he’s stolen from their Prime Senator more than a million gold pieces worth of possessions, striking him it seems almost monthly. In Trabayo he’s robbed no less than a dozen plantations. And in Espellismo, he’s even managed to steal priceless wands and magical artifacts four times in the last three years. No matter how many people are sent after him, the Moondance Kid somehow always manages to escape capture by a hair’s breath. He currently has a bounty of a hundred thousand platinum pieces in Verdade for whoever turns him in, dead or alive.

The Elf Butcher

Over the last forty years, High Elves have been found dead across the territories. Their bodies are always discovered mangled and dismembered, as if torn apart by some great beast. It wasn’t until five years ago, when the Boseman Syndacite was captured in Verdade that a link was provided for these murders. A man known only as the Elf Butcher has been an assassin for at least that long, taking contracts only to kill High Elves from Penrith. During the investigation, it was discovered that even in the motherland of Avalon such kills had been done for at least thirty years before the first in Prometiia. Suspected to be the same person, the Elf Butcher has went on to make, at a minimum, five kills a year, targeting the noble ruling race exclusively. Who he really is and how he does it is a complete unknown.


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