Homebrew Archtype: Way of the Calm River

Monks of the Way of the Calm River are those who believe in the flow of power from one point to another. By using their martial arts and ki to manipulate that flow, they redirect their opponent’s attacks away from themselves. Members often emulate the movements of animals or nature in their martial arts, replicating the balance of the world and using it to strike down enemies.

White Crane Spreads Wings

Starting when you choose this tradition, at 3rd Level you are able to take a Calm Stance. By spending a ki point, you can take the Dodge move as a bonus action and any non-spell melee attack that hits you can be redirected at the attacker, dealing full damage to them and half damage to yourself. For two ki points, the damage can instead be nullified. This must be decided before damage is rolled.

Fan through the Back

At the 6th level, the Monk has learned how to better respond to incoming attacks. When an incoming melee attack, or ranged attack in melee range, misses you, you may react with either the Flurry of Blows or normal Attack moves. This cannot be done while taking a Calm Stance.

Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail

Starting at the 11th level, you can begin to understand how your ki effects spells. By spending ki points equal to Spell Level+Monk level (minimum 11), you can redirect the entirety of a damage-dealing spell back on the caster. If the spell has a save, you must make that save a second time. On a success, the spell returns to its caster. On a fail, the spell is harmlessly avoided.

Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger

At the 17th level, you have mastered the art of redirecting energy. You may now choose to spend one ki point to take half damage and redirect the attack to another enemy. For 2 points, you take half damage and can add an unarmed strike to the attack when sending it back at the origin. For 2+Half of the monster’s Challenge Rating ki points (minimum 3), you can nullify the damage of an attack as well as send the full damage back to the origin. This must be decided before damaged is rolled.


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