Homebrew Archetype: Circle of the Forgotten

Throughout the world there are forgotten things; magic, kingdoms, secrets of things incomprehensible to men. The Circle of the Forgotten finds these things and protects them, keeping them away from the hands of whatever might abuse them.

Secret Learner

At the 2nd level, the Druid can cast the Identify spell at will while in their Wild Shape form without components. This can be done a number of times equal to cantrips known per long rest.

Forgotten Power

At the 2nd level, the Druid is capable of utilizing the power of the forgotten things they have discovered. The druid can choose one class ability equal to or lower then their current Druid level. They can then use it once per short rest. This power or ability cannot be changed except during a long rest.

World Discovery

At the 6th level, the Druid is more capable of discovering secrets. While in Wild Shape, their Detect Magic spell now has one mile of range, and they gain advantage on all perception, insight, and investigation checks.

Guardian of Secrets

At the 10th level, the Druid has learned to wield their powers for the protection of all secrets they have discovered. The Druid has knowledge of every secret thing they have ever found, and can teleport to it at will once per short rest. When defending these secrets, the Druid gains advantage on all attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks.

Master of the Lost

At the 14th level, the Druid has seen and interacted with more secrets then virtually any other being. They are capable of using any magical item, regardless of what it is, without the need for attunement as long as it has either been identified or the Druid has prior knowledge of what the item is.


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