Homebrew Archetype: Bard – College of Tales

College of Tales

Bards of the College of Tales are uninterested in the daring battles or the politics of their cousins. Instead, they search the world for the tall tales, myths, and legends of cultures ‘round the world. Their travels often take them to unique places, and their penchant for stories gets them in bigger trouble then they usually bargain for. But a well-salted bard of this college can bring out a tale for any riddle they face in the world, and have more wisdom then they often let on.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you take join the College of Tales, you gain proficiency in Knowledge: History, Arcana, and Nature.

A Life of Fantasy

At the third level, you have begun to attract the mysteries of the world. As a result, whenever you cast a non-cantrip spell, make an ability or skill check, or make use of another Bard class feature, the DM may allow you roll on the Flight of Fancy table.

Modern-Day Fable

At the sixth level, you have learned how to better recreate the tales of the past, both on and off the battlefields. Once per short or long rest, the bard may make a performance check. On a successful check, they can choose to grant Legendary Resistance to a target for one use, or give two uses of Bardic Inspiration to up to four targets. On a failed check, they may only grant one use of Bardic Inspiration to four targets, one or target Legendary Resistance.

Song of Heroes

Upon reaching the 14th level, you have learned how to call forth the powers of stories long past. On your action, you can begin to sing a song or tell a tale of a hero that has long past, and then roll and spend one of your bardic inspiration die. Choose a number of allied creatures equal too or lower than what is rolled. Those creatures have advantage until the end of your next turn on all skill, ability, and attack rolls for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier.

The Flight of Fancy Table

01-02: You pull out a small nonmagical, nonunique object from your pocket. Reroll. 31-40: Your size increases by two levels, along with your clothes, up to Colossal for 1d4 hours. Your damage dice all increase by one, but your speed is halved.
02-03: You discover a cave, hole, wardrobe, or mirror nearby that leads somewhere else. 41-50: All animals within your eyesight become awakened. They are charmed for one hour.
04-05: You cast the Charm Animal, or Charm Person, or the Charm Monster spell, at random, on something within 100 feet of you. 51-60: All weaponry and objects you wear become magical for one hour.
07-08: You begin to magically cry, laugh, or scream. All hostile creatures around you have the spell Dissonant Whispers casted on them at the highest spell-slot the Bard knows, without using a slot or spell components. 61-68: All creatures around you for six miles forget about you or ignore you for 1d4 hours, or until they take damage.
09-10: A small, awakened animal or a random NPC appears and gives you advantage on your next roll before disappearing. 69: You cast the Simulcrum spell on yourself.
11-15: You find a magical piece of fruit. When consumed, you fall asleep for 1d4 hours and healed of all wounds and maladies, exorcised of all curses, and lose all levels of exhaustion and madness. 70-90: The next 1d20 items that you see or touch become nonmagical.
16-21: Your hair grows to 100 feet in length, becomes immune to all non-magical damage, and can be controlled as a improvised reach weapon for 1d4 turns. 91-99: Someone or something comes to help you. It must have met you before, directly or indirectly, and will only remove you from your situation.
22-30: A number of creatures, party members, or NPCs, at your choice, fall down equal to your current hit dice. 100: You change the weather and season within six miles, but can neither control the weather, nor how extreme the season is.

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