Drow of Prometiia

Drow in Prometiia

Underneath the new world lies the great caverns of the Underdark—a vast world that expands throughout the crust of the planet for thousands upon thousands of miles. It is here that the Drow rule with an iron fist, an empire of Dark Elves under the guidance of their Spider Goddess, Lloth.

The origins of the Drow are well-recorded, if not twisted by the manipulations of Lloth. Thousands of years ago, there was a tribe of Wood Elves that claimed what are now the swamps of Espellismo. It was there they fought against Tieflings of old, whose pacts with ancient Fiends gave them the edge in their hundred-year wars. Desperate to survive, a female wizard performed a ritual to bind one of the demon princes to herself. The result warped the very world around her, twisting her into a demonic shape and burning the souls of every living thing within hundreds upon hundreds of miles.

Though her efforts gave her the power to turn back the Tiefling’s advances, the Wood Elves that joined this woman were irrevocably changed. Their skin was burned black by the ritual, their eyes left burning shades of red and haunting tints of violet. Their hair, once lush and black, was bleached white. These were the first Drow.

The ritual cursed them in more ways than one. The sunlight became a curse upon them, stinging their eyes and sapping them of their strength. The land they had fought for was corrupted, turned from the vibrant forest it once was and left a decimated swampland. Unable to sustain life on the surface world, the female Drow—Lloth herself—fled into the Underdark, a twisted creature by all accounts but a goddess to her own people.

Since then Drow civilization has boomed and become a monstrous, multi-headed thing. It conquers without care the creatures that live with it, consuming gnomish races and spreading to the mountains of the far west. Their raids on the surface world—something Prometiia has luckily been spared so far—are always brutal affairs, leaving nothing but broken lives and cursed survivors behind.

But over time, the Drow have begun to change. New influences and new ideas introduced into the culture challenge Lloth’s rule. Revolution threatens to shatter the empire as Drow with a conscience become less uncanny with every generation.



Below is a number of noble Drow houses, as well as a number of famed Drow:


House Ayand’ur

One of the greatest of the noble Drow houses, House Ayand’ur has a tyrannical grip on the economy of the Drow Empire. Through hundreds of year’s manipulation, assassination, and dirty place, they have established control over every business and form of trade in the Underdark. They are ruled by Lady K’rupt, a powerful necromancer whose force includes even liches of the Underdark.

House Cucuthain

A warrior house through and through, the Cucuthains have produced the most prestigious military generals for thousands of years. With such a long, unbroken lineage, it is no wonder that many others fear them. While many cower from Ayand’ur’s assassins, the Cucuthain outright destroy anyone who dares to oppose them. Their current matron is Mistress Driznil, a woman famed across the entire empire for organizing a force of three thousand that not only stood against, but repelled a gnomish force of one hundred and fifty thousand.

House Ouer

While the Ayand’ur are masters of manipulation and the Cucuthain are gods of combat, House Ouer are something else entirely. They use neither magic nor martial prowess. Instead, they utilize the power of their minds, wielding a psychic ability that overpowers even the Mind Flayers of the Underdark. With this power, which stems from a source unknown even to Lloth, they have managed to create a slave army in the Underdark that almost rivals the combined force of every other House’s force put together. They are run not by one matron but by a cabal of powerful psychic Drow, untouchable by all outside threats.

House Fael-Trun

A strange house, House Fael-Trun are neither warriors, nor manipulators, nor psychics. While other houses fight for higher ranks, House Fael-Trun remains comfortable in its lofty position. This is because only the Fael-Trun hold Lloth’s eternal favor. Why is unknown—only their priestesses know why, and they share not with their kin. Their matron is a woman known simply as Rilwae, who as far as records show, has been alive since the creation of Drow society.



Spirnet Oronth


A Drow hero respected by virtually every house, Spirnet Oronth is one of the shadiest, slimiest, and most manipulative people in all the empire. A master of poisons and archery, he made his name assassinating three Deep Gnome kings one after another in line of succession. Such a feat earned him one of the strongest blessings of Lloth after killing a single king; killing three has earned him power and life force beyond any other Drow. He himself stands as a noble house, carrying enough weight to sit in the inner circle of Drow politics.


Yuimlil Ssyl


Drow magic is something derived directly from the teachings of Lloth. It was Yuimlil Ssyl who learned how to control an untapped source of greater power—the planet itself. Drawn from the molten rock and the deep flames, Yuimlil has become a formidable man both politically and martially. In a society dominated by priestess, Yuimlil is a deviant and dangerous variable, with motives unknown to the inner cabals.


Xulldra Yauthlo

drow (1)

Out of all the Spider Priestess of Lloth, it is Xulldra that serves as her chosen. Xulldra is the mouth of the Spider Goddess, who has been gifted the greatest magic, authority, and holdings in the Drow Empire. Much like Spirnet, she has lived for more than a thousand years, her immortality allowing her to master the almost never-ending arts of her Spider Goddess.


Ust Lonthran

The capital of the Drow Empire, Ust Lonthran rests in the center of the main Prometiia continent, dozens of miles below the surface. This massive cavern is where the greatest noble houses stay, collecting their forces, training their young, and increasing their holdings. At the center of Ust Lonthran is the Black Temple, where Xulldra Yauthlo and the greatest priestess of the empire come to study and learn directly from Lloth herself.


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