Paladins of Prometiia

The Seven Circles of Avalon, whose religion has spread throughout most of the known world, all have a collective cabal of wizards, clerics, and sorcerers who promote their power. This cabal adds its power to the military as well, blessing soldiers and pushing them on to create miracles on the battlefield. Those who display the most righteousness make oaths to themselves or to the higher powers that bless them, birthing a new type of solider that is both feared and venerated: the Paladin.

These Paladins are trained by their own, organized into Choirs of great power and prestige. Each choir is ran by both a veteran paladin and high-ranking cleric of the Seven Circles. Once a choir has been established and has at least one or two well-trained warriors to serve it, they are given bases across the land, both to watch over a region, and to purge it of all evil. Thus, when Prometiia was discovered, choirs were sent in force along with colonizers, to protect and purge the lands so that the citizens of Avalon could find safety in the new world.

After hundreds of years of development, as well as the emergence of new religions, these Choirs now far outnumber those in Avalon. They form entire armies for the colonies if they belong to the Seven Circles, while others serve as heroes of the land that protect the innocent and smite the evil. Still more venture out into the frontier in holy bands, providing what aid they can to those rugged folk.

Paladins are seen differently by everybody, but largely fall into two groups: the beautiful knights in shining army, of cold-hearted killers that are almost sociopathic in nature.

Below is a number of famed Choirs in Prometiia, as well as a few famous Paladins:


The Knights of Lustrian


No Choir is bigger, more famous, or more powerful than the Knights of Lustrian. The primary devotees of the Sun God, they were the first to come to Prometiia, moving over three-thousand paladins to the new world in order to purge. Their track record over the last few hundred years has been phenomenal; they have cleared out entire armies of tieflings, wood elves, halflings, and other monsters that are now either extinct or pushed back into the depths of the world. Their banner is a golden sun split down the middle by a red sword, and their words are “The Sun Shall Scorch.” Their current leader is Alfred Redrobin, a veteran of over a dozen conflicts and who is said to have one won single-combat against a mighty Storm Giant.


The Choir of Many Songs


Unlike the other Holy Chois, the Choir of Many Songs hearkens not to one religion. Instead, they allow believers of anything to swell their ranks, making them almost as large and as powerful as the Knights of Lustrian. Smaller Choirs that pop up around the land, as well as many famous solo paladins, are absorbed into the Choir and given a home and mission. Their banner is composed of the many symbols of the lesser Choirs that make up the Many Songs, all stitched together into one vast tapestry. Their words are “No matter the tongue, our song is heard!” They are led by council of a hundred righteous paladins, all of different faiths, which make up a congress that leads the rest of the Choir.


The Vengeful


The Vengeful is one of the most feared Choirs in all the land, known for their brutality and, at times, recklessness which endangers innocent lives. They are made up of many races, with each member having sworn an Oath of Venegence against the evil of Prometiia. Their mission is simple: the complete eradication of any and all wood elves, tieflings, and anything else not domesticated by Penrith’s empire. Their banner is a bloodied, armored fist, with their words being “Justice Comes.” Their leader is Marx the Burned, a man who wears a full set of armor with no openings or vulnerabilities in it, leaving his actual identity a secret.

Below are a number of famous Paladins without Choirs:

Hara the Hardy


Hara the Hardy, a female Paladin born in Trabayo, is a figure legendary solely for surviving what she has. She has weathered the icy storms of Yetis, the cannibalistic hunger of lycans, the burning gunpowder of orcs, and a hundred other things that should have left her dead or a broken thirty years ago. Still she continues on, covered in a thousand scars along her body but still devoted to the destruction of all evil. She has been seen more than once with the rest of the Vengeful, and it is rumored that both her and Marx the Burned have fought side by side, with some suggesting that they are even the same people.



Thunderclap is a Halfling Paladin—a rarity in a word where Halflings are servants and slaves. If the stories are to be believed, he was freed from his contract when his master’s wife was dying of a disease that no cleric or druid could heal. Thunderclap made an oath to the Seven that if they would give him the power to heal this woman, then he would forever serve them. In a brilliant flash of lightning, Thunderclap emerged a blessed man, saving the wife and earning his freedom. Since then, he has traveled the lands, and has become the source of any a plot.

Quain, Who Banes Death


While the Vengeful are feared, the stories of their brutality fail to match Quain’s. He is a human paladin who made his name in the north, where the half-orcs and their demon consorts wage a constant war against both the frontier and the colonies. It is said that when his entire choir was decimated, he marched up to the gates of a demon prince, said to have enslaved death itself, and defeated the prince, the avatar of death, and the entire elite guard by himself. Whether this tale has truth to it or not is unknown, but since then he has been known as He Who Banes Death, and has furthered his reputation by mercilessly smiting evil and injustice wherever he finds it. Even politicians and famous figures have been exposed as treacherous and slaughtered by Quain, who shows no mercy or remorse for those he’s killed.


Cem Cirson


The hero of the poor and the justice of the common man, Cem Cirson is arguably the most loved Paladin in all of Prometiia. A half-elf of tremendous power, he goes from hamlet, to village, to town, to city, taking contracts of the poor and common only, always giving money to the poor and justice to those that deserve it. Many Choirs have reached out to hire him, though he accepts no contracts from businessmen, generals, or the rich. He exclusively serves the folk of Prometiia, no matter how inane or how impossible their jobs are.


Paladins of Prometiia

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